06/12/2011 18:50


D.R.I.V.E. is an acronym that translates: Death Row Inner-communalist Vanguard Engagement. The Death Row community has anti-Death Penalty organizations who strive to embetter our living conditions, while aiming to abolish the Death Penalty. But, these things have been on their terms. For the most part, our voice is greatly underrepresented in these organizations, hindering everyone (Death Row community and anti-Death Penalty orgs.) from achieving aforementioned goals.

Because of this lack of collaboration between the anti-Death Penalty organizations and Death Row community, as well as the continuing deteriorating conditions on Death Row, D.R.I.V.E. was formed. Those within the Death Row community, conscious of the diabolical elements woven in capital punishment, from the death penalty application, to death row conditions, have come together (Inner-communalist) to take up a vanguard against our oppressors.

We, the Inner-communalist, have a strong sense of community; and because of this strong sense of community, we are able to engage in a movement on our brothers’ behalfs. We’ve watched as these dehumanizing conditions spawn a reactionary suicide (ones taking of their own life in response to his/hers oppressive socio-economical conditions) amongst death row prisoners; where their attitudes towards themselves reflect how they are treated, thinking nothing of themselves, and dropping their appeal under profound despair. Through D.R.I.V.E., we hope to create a sense of dignity and brotherhood within the death row community through standing in solidarity and relaying avenues that the death row community can utilize to attack these oppressive forces that creates our environment, as opposed to attacking ourselves.

Who can better represent our interests than ourselves? However, this doesn’t mean that we wish to jettison all ties with these respective anti-death penalty organizations. On the contrary, we wish to create ties. We believe that the only way we will have a meaningful struggle against this oppressive system called capital punishment, is if it’s a consolidated inside/outside engagement. D.R.I.V.E. has already initiated dialogue with some of these respective organizations to find a common ground for a strategic course of action. But, let us be clear, we have every intention to make these organizations practice what they preach! If they are striving to change anything concerning capital punishment in Texas, or even nationally, how can they ignore the insight and assistance of those they seek to bring justice to?

Most of the issues, conditions wise, must first be addressed by us and exhausted through the administrative remedies before any civil litigation can be brought forth. This is one reason that clearly shows the necessity of a consolidated inside/outside-engagement. We are organized and are taking action. Now is the time we concentrate our forces for a joint effort against capital punishment. We must seize the time, for time is seeking to dismantle us execution by execution; and there’s no telling when the death row community will find another group of conscious, strategic and dedicated brothers. We must DRIVE over the powers that be!

Standing in Solidarity,

Comrade Reginald W. Blanton #999395