Personal Thankyou's

Personal Thankyous from Reg before his execution,


To ATHENA FILMS - Natalie, and G) Thankyou for given me the chance to say my bit when others didnt listen, you did, Make it good on TV Natalie, Make people know who I was, Make people understand that the Texas Systems kills more than any other state.

To Adam (soundman from Houston) Adam I could see how hard it was for you to say goodbye last Wednesday, Buts its Ok, you have helped me with Athena films

Tom (cameraman from florida) It was good to meet you, thankyou


To KADP- for the videos you did to try and get more support for me thankyou.

To Caro and Gabriele from USA, I love you both, stay strong, and keep the fight alive. Thanks for the support and love you both gave to sandie and myself.

To Karen from Australia, Thankyou for keeping sandie sane, and making her smile.

To Elish from UK, Thankyou for your support

Gloria from the new York Branch of cedp, Thankyou for everything, for the support you gave to Sandie and myself.


Sue (thelma) from UK, Thankyou for being such a great support and friends to sandie, and giving her the support she needed.

To Antwan, and The Bottom Boyz music, thanks also for the support you have given me. Take care of yourselfs when im gone.


To sandie my Queen and wife, I will love you until eternity, I know you fought for me when others didnt, one day we will meet in heaven to be together even though we couldnt be physically together in this world we will be together in the next world, be happy San, im out of here be happy for that. Dont let the tears run too much, and always remember what I taught you. You were the only woman I ever really loved, you even still stuck there when I wasnt being so nice, you knew didnt you San, you knew all along, because you knew I was saying things for your own good. I couldnt bear to know that one day you may find another man, but I want you to be happy, I dont want you to spend the rest of your life alone, you dont deserve that. But make sure who ever you find in the future that he can treat you well, I will send you the sign somehow. Please Tell Tasha and Kye I love them, and please tell Tasha that when my step grandson grows up, please tell him about me. I love you my Queen I love you, Please never forget me, I will wait for you San, youl never be alone my Queen.


To Irma from Holland, thankyou for supporting her in your time In texas, I thankyou.

To Lynette. Sandie told me about you at visit On Friday. 23rd, she told me that you may meet up in livingston to meet her, Lynette I have to thankyou for the support that you have given my Queen, and I really hope that your brothers case will go the way you want it to go. Peace.

To Brina USA, thankyou for all your kindness in helping, and for getting Sandies and my letters to each other. Youre a star Brina a good person, never forget that.

 (KC) USAThanks KC for also getting my letters to San, you have been a great support to both Sandie and myself. Thanks Kc, never give up the fight, Keep the fight alive.


To all that has supported me throughout, I want you all to know that I will not walk to my death on Tuesday 27th, they will have to drag me from my cell. I want you all to know that one day the truth will come out and you will see for yourself that I was INNOCENT, INNOCENT I TELL YOU INNOCENT. I want you all to keep in contact with sandie from Time to time, to make sure that she is ok, this has affected her more than she or I realized it would.

Dont hate her for what I have asked her to do for me onTuesday if the execution goes ahead, it was my wishes and she was only doing what I have asked her to do. So I do not want any of you getting at her over this. These are my words to you all. Ur brother, OMARI HUDUMA, AKA REGINALD BLANTON, IN THE HIGHEST SERVICE.

From Reginald Blanton oct 09



TO NATALIE, CLAUDIA AND LINDA FROM ATHENA FILMS UK Thankyou for making it possible for my last two trips to See Reg, if it wasnt for you all, i would not have been able to say goodbye to Reg.
Luv ya  xx

Sky Television.(crime and investigation network channel UK) Thankyou so  much enabling Reg and myself to get our story out there.

TO G. (cameraman UK) Thanks G for everything.  I know it was also hard for you to come to terms with Reggies Death, thanks G for being a great support,

Adam (soundman-Houston TX)  Was great to meet you, i wasnt that much of a pain was I.  Thanks for your kindness to both Reg and to myself.

To Tom (cameraman Florida) Thankyou also for your compassion in this upsetting time.


TO GOLDA (TONY MEDINAS MOTHER) USA Thankyou for always being there for me, thankyou also for the rides from the airport and back and taking me to some of my visits. Thankyou also for looking after my box of goodies for me i.e knifes,forks,spoons, plates , mugs etc, each time i come back to uk, until the next time. You are a good friend and i loved spending time with you when im in Texas, you are a real treasure and became like a mum to me.


IRMA- Holland.The Netherlands.  il not ever forget the support you gave me Irma, i dont know what i would of done without you being there


TO GLORIA COLON USA Thankyou Gloria for the calls you made to me to the motel, you were a great support to both Reg and to myself. I will never forget what you and the new york branch members tried to do for Reg, Thankyou so much.

KADP Thankyou for the video that you did for Reg, he knew about it, as i kept him updated when i visited him. so the thankyous is from both reg and myself.


TO GLORIA RUBAC (abolishment movement Houston Thankyou for what you did for Reg, and being outside the walls unit on the night of Reggies execution. Thankyou for meeting me at the funeral home afterwards, i really needed that hug, so if you ever read this, please know that i appreciated your kindness.

TO LYNETTE (myrons sister Houston)  Thanks Lynette it was so nice meeting you, it felt i had known you for years, when i next come out we will meet up again. Thankyou also for the sunday two days before reggies execution, you helped take my mind off things and you made me laugh, and that was hard to do seeing it was a very sad time. Your family to me now Lynette, always will be, because i dont forget good natured people, and you were a star.


Neil and Kirk I dont know what i would of done without both of your support when i came back to uk, you kept my mind focused, made me realise that there are some people that really do care.

ElisH Thanks Elish for being there to support me, before i went out to see Reg and when i came home to uk
Your a great friend.

My Daughter Tasha Thanks love for putting up with my moods when i heard of Reginalds Execution date.

Sue (trubluangel)  Thanks for being a good friend

Vanessa and Chantal and Jan Il never forget your kindness, even though two of you have been through the same experience, you still were there for me, thankyou for all the help and kindness


TO REGGIES HOMIE RANDAL (san antonio) Thanks for your support that you gave me, and for calling me on the telephone whilst in texas, and the chats we had before i went out to Texas

TO  Reggies homie Charles (san antonio) Thankyou also for your support, much appreciated

GOVERNOR OF CRUNK - ANTWAN  Thanks again for the song you did for Reg, and for being a friend to Reg and to myself.

To Bottom boyz music Thankyou for your continued support before i went to texas and when i got back.  I wont ever
forget that.


TO SABRINA AND KC  Thankyou both so very much for keeping Reggies and my mail flowing to get our letters to each other quicker, I hope you both realise how important that was for Reg and myself and how much we both appreciated it so much. If it wasnt for the both of you helping our letters would have taken so much longer, and at that time, TIME was not on our side.  So thankyou both so much. Love you both.


KAREN   -         (australia)
KC                    (usa)
Elish,                (England uk)
Sylvia,               (usa)
Irma                   (The Netherlands) (Holland)
Carolina,           (usa)
Sue,                  (Wales uk)
Gloria from the newyork cedp branch,  (usa)
Sabrina,            (usa)
Christy Chavez ,(new mexico)
Anita                 (USA from LAC)
Lynette              (usa)
Machaela          (England Uk)
Black Bandana  (USA)
Dee (abolishment movement USA)
Randle               (S.A USA)
Charles              (S.A.USA)
San                    (S.A  USA)

Thankyou so much for the love and support that you all gave to me. It made me feel i wasnt alone.also want to thank all my myspace friends back then, Mary Ann Lubas, Deborah K, Terri Bean, Lacaze sisters, ,Katie Kelly, and many more i appreaciated all of your support, thankyou