Smithc415 | 19/04/2016

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Once again...

Tracy Pi | 27/10/2012

Once again I am here,
Because someone loves you.
Once again I shed a tear,
Because someone loves you.
Once again tears over heartbreaking photos,
Because someone loves you.
Once again, the reality of the cruelty of the death penalty hits me,
Because someone loves you.
Once again I leave a message of love and peace,
Because someone loves you.
Once again because Sandie loves you,
I am here, once again, to say.
Rest in Peace, Dear Reggie,
Because Sandie loves you.
And because of Sandie,
We love you too.

help save

kim mays | 24/04/2012

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You maybe gone but you'll never be forgotton

Michaela | 21/12/2011

May you rest in peace Reggie, I know Sandy will never let you be forgotton you will always be her king and she will always remain to be your queen.


Reggie always loved and missed

Miki | 18/12/2011

These pages are so beautiful, just like Reggie was a beautiful person. Sandie, he's watching over you and one day you'll be together again.

Your love was so pure, true and meaningful. Your love never dies. Reggie is missed, loved and needed and never forgotten.

TX murdered an innocent man. So wrong, so sad, so sick...BUT they couldn't murder his spirit, he lives in our hearts and souls forever.

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