06/12/2011 19:31


There is no “I”

lest it’s a Roman numeral—

uni vs.


I’ve merged into the

international communal vision;

from the teary eyes of

Tanzanian children


the indigenous people of this capitalist nation.

Our resistance is more than

the Death Penalty’s abolition.

For our Third World brethren

will NEVER BE free unless

oppressed Americans


Dis-United States is

the impoverisher of Third World nations.

Our obligation:

To attack oppression

wherever it’s drinking.

This imperialist mosquito

has injected

Americans with anesthetic material possessions,

while guzzling

our blood, the lives of our brethren.

WE have to see the connections,

the Middle Passages

our oppressors are still traveling.

If you can’t, or don’t want to see them,

here’s my question:

If this government doesn’t make you a victim,

whether here, or in another nation,

does your silence or in-action make you

a perpetrator of international oppression?

Draw the connections.