07/12/2011 21:06



Out of all my writings, how many of you can recite the title of one piece Ive written without looking it up either on my myspace page or the Drive site? And Im not talking about my super-personal piece dedicated to my Wife, Whats love got to do with it? I mean and Im seriously asking yall, how many can refer to anything I,ve ever said that has left an impression on you? Am I that superficial? Are my thoughts that inconsequential?


I ask these things because anybody who has taken the time out of their mundane lives to give my words a glance will sense one thing about me, at the very least Im a Man, imperfect, striving for perfection, what does this mean? That men are a dying species amongst boys? Ill tell you what it doesnt mean. It doesnt mean Im a prison number, It doesnt mean Im a Death Row prisoner. It means Im a Man not constricted to these damn bars, concrete and steel that the system preaches is necessary to encage the beast I never was and never can bebecause Im a man. Imperfect striving for perfection, a Man does not exist lest he is conscious of the principles that dictate his life, allowing the universe to flow through him, as opposed to him blindly resisting its flow, reinforcing the dictum:.

A hard head makes a sore ass


Yes, Im not talking about donkeys.

Im talking about men with principles which means a disciplined man. Im as disciplined as the samurai, blade slicing through the fabric of time, while engaged in battle. And I bleed like you do, and will bleed for whatever I believe in as my physical scars, from years of protest while here on Death row, demonstrates Im a man with a mind, no longer a puppet blindly reacting to the viciss, cudes of life. A man that wont mind if my manhood is not respected. Not a primitive bet-not-step on-my kicks manhood. No, Thats boyhood masquerading as manhood. By manhood I mean my essence everything that makes me who I AM I AM!

So what does all this mean? Well.What do I mean? What is MY damn value? What da hell do I matter? I know the answers to these questions, but do you have answers to these questions? No, dont say oh, but youre Gods creation orThe bible says. If youre saying this, then shouldnt you be convincing Christians to embrace our campaign with something more than lip service? Besides these type of responses are too general, maybe youll say well, the Death penalty is wrong.To that I will ask why? And if you cant recite specific injustices in my case then why are you my friend? You dont know me! Because if you did then you would know I would have a problem with a person who says they support someone or is fighting for a cause they dont understand or know anything about.


If this is you, what kind of person are you? Ill answer that for you: The kind of person that will decide whether you will either keep being the reason why a small handful of people will continue to carry on their shoulders your part of the load, or get some more principles.


And I, Omari Huduma, aka Reginald Blanton approve this message!