07/12/2011 20:51


I need an Attorney that will aggressively fight for my life as if it were her/his own, in the Supreme court, should my 5th Circuit appeal get denied justice. This attorney needs to be knowledgeable in the that law which pertains to procedural default. Likewise, if my case is reversed, I will need an attorney to represent me at another trial. I have written a "media letter" which maybe be downloaded and sent to various law firms and other legal organizations to bring their attention to my case. The most important thing to remember is: Persistence is the key.


My plight needs as much media exposure as possible, specifically here in Texas, that not only emphasizes the injustices of my wrongful conviction, but also highlights my genesis into manhood, my self –evolution, my redemption in spite of charges I would NEVER change or amount to anything. This is more so what the media letter was created for. The most important thing to realize is we want to target media outlets or journalist that are either, firstly against the Death Penalty or has been critical of it, and secondly, those media outlets or journalist that has taken a neutral position in their coverage of Death Penalty issues.


I need people to relentlessly pursue influential people that are against the Death Penalty such as Texas Senator, Rodney Ellis, Green Party's presidential candidate and Georgia Senator, Cynthia Mckinney, or Greens Party's presidential candidate from San Antonio, Cate Swift, and those like them, to persuade them to use their influence to persuade the Texas State Bar in San Antonio to accept and entertain the grievance I'm trying to file against Scott Sullivan for refusing to represent me; since the first grievance I attempted to file was classified as an "inquiry" and was dismissed. We need pressure on the State Bar to do the right thing. They have avoided this issue for way too long because they thought they were only dealing with somebody on death row. (This grievance can be found on my myspace page) We also need these influential people to persuade their associates to stand with them in this demand for true justice in my case.


This same approach can be used if you live overseas. There are influential people in your respective cities that could be contacted in the same manner. Nevertheless, whether these influential people are in the U.S or is overseas, I suggest that the media letter be sent to them first. Next a follow up phone call or email, to see if they received the media letter and if they are willing to take some kind of action. (When the media letter is being sent to these "influential people", it may be a good idea to enclose with it a brief and respectful letter letting them know what you hope for them to do). If they are overseas, perhaps they know somebody that knows somebody influential in the U.S who can help us. However if they choose to procrastinate or not take any action all together, we will be forced to take a more decisive approach.


Each one of you has a circle of influential comprising of friends and family. The goal would be to get those within this circle to embrace our plight. You may only have to pass them the media letter to get them to see the necessity in fighting to bring me justice. Once you have established that circle of support, if the influential person you contacted to help us refuses to help us and is a public official (politician) with picket signs in tow, the circle of supporters should non violently protest in front of their office. During these protests, loud protest! a call should be made to the local news station notifying them of the protest. (By doing this we may acquire some media attention we may otherwise not get, while pressuring the public official to use their influence to help us after all).


I will be personally mailing a variation of the media letter to Texas' Governor, Rick Perry, everyday, from this point until we either receive justice or the state of Texas Murder Me. This Governor letter will soon be on my myspace page too. At the bottom of it will be a place for supporters to sign so they may also send to the Governor I solidarity with me.


We are also starting to fundraise again. Eventually we will branch out, wherever we have supporters willing to help us fundraise. What I ask of you is please donate anything to my cause, as after as possible. Though the more the better, if you are only able to donate 50 cents, eventually we will have enough money to get the support we need to save my life and bring attention to why the Death Penalty should be abolished.


Finally I believe in the creative power of thought, word, and action, all of which, when infused with the powerful energy of conviction, of utter belief, becomes prayerful seeds planted in the Universe. As we continue on BEing victorious in our plight, our victory will begin to sprout, blossom with all its glory. So what I ask is that we consciously keep in mind this creative power of thought, word and action. We have already built momentum in all planes of existence. The Universe is already working in our favour, Let words of power fill our minds and hearts till our cups runneth over, spilling into the Universe. Whether its fervent prayer or a mantra, which may be a word or phrase you find that allows you to feel power, encouragement, it could be as simple as "Victory is Ours"


Please take time out through out the day to pour your energy on this seed of ours we've planted so we may cultivate our VICTORY!


I Love you all


Omara aka Reginald Blanton.

April 2008.